Basis, Idun Lovén
Fil.Kand i religionsvetenskap från högskolan i Gävle

Shows in selection

Listen to the sound of my voice, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki april-may 2018

Nothing inside is worth dying for-Show with Moa Israelsson Forsberg at the Lars Bohman Gallery november 2016

New Rituals-Group show at the Midori Gallery in Tokyo summer 2016

In Between- Group show at Linköpings konsthall august 2015

Gimme Shelter- Group show at Lars Bohman gallery december 2015

Vinternatt- Groupshow at Lars Bohman gallery december 2014

No Loitering- (solo) Trykkeriet. Bergen, Norway. September 2014

Taverna Brillo summer 2014

Off Night (solo), Sandgrund Lars Lerin, Karlstad, Sweden January 2014

Ahlbergshallen, Östersunds konstklubb (solo), Östersund, Sweden November 2013

Panorama group show at Lars Bohman gallery aug-sep 2013 (Reviews)

Restaurant Sturehof summer 2013

Group show "Looking for a home" at the Angelika Knäpper Gallery in january 2013

"Stay motivated" - show at Angelika Knäpper Gallery april 2012

Group show at the Angelika Knäpper gallery december 2010, Stockholm

"The Dummy"-Show at Folkbaren, september 2010 Stockholm

Public commisioned artwork with Valeria Montti Colque at the Kvarnhags school in Alby, 2010 Stockholm

Installation and Workshop "Re:cycle Phoenix" with Valeria Montti Colque at The House of Sweden in Washington DC, May 2009

Invited as workshop leader (december 2008) and as guest lecturer (febuary 2010) at the Royal Academy of arts (Mejan) in Stockholm

Group show- "Folk magic and curious objects" Barristers Gallery, New Orleans, Oct 2009.

Group show Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, Spring 2009.

Group show- La Tierra Salvaje- with Valeria Montti Colque and Dilomprizulike – Botkyrka konsthall, Dec 2008-March 2009.

Permanent Elevator installation at Hammarby Artport, September 2008.

Installation "El Dorado" with Valeria Montti Colque at Stockholm Culture Festival-August 2008.

Groupshow "Anyone got wood?" Curated by Tony Cederteg, at Steinsland /Berliner Stockholm, May 2008

Group show "Behind the Mustache" Valsaamo gallery Helsinki, March 2008.

Installation at Södra Teaterns Kägelbana with Valeria Montti Colque, November 2007.

Installation at Skapelsefeber festival in Märsta - "Mariasculpture", with Valeria Montti Colque, November 2007.

Installation at Allhelgonakyrkan church in Stockholm - "Mariasculpture", with Valeria Montti Colque, October 2007.

"Mono City" installation together with Valeria Montti Colque at the French Institute, March 2007

Installation in Carin Westers store with Valeria Montti Colque, March 2007

One man show Urban Outfitters in Stockholm, December 2006.

"Machete Miau"- Show with Valeria Montti Colque at Riche november 2006

Group show- Internal Guidance Systems tour 2006:

Mark Woolley Gallery, May, 2006

N4th Gallery, Albuquerque NM. Summer 2006

Tag Gallery, Nashville, TN, February, 2007

AOT Gallery, Port Townsend, WA, Aug/Sept, 2007.

Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, BC, Feb/March, 2008.

Track 16 gallery, Santa monica, CA, Nov/Dec, 2008.

One man show at Pixie bar in Copenhagen, Denmark, spring 2006.

One man show at Galleri Bondesonen, "It´s a cold night for alligators", Stockholm, December 2005.

One man show at Jr. Konsthallen in Linköping, November 2005.

Participated in the "Divine Messages" show at Harmony Gallery in Hollywood, California USA, 2005.

Produced and designed a room full of art (Room 506) for the Lydmar hotel in Stockholm, spring 2004.

One man show at Galleri Bondesonen, "Jesus Christ!" in Stockholm, October 2004.

One man show "Har du lyst till at tegne?" at Godt Bröd in Bergen, Norway, September 2004.

Participated in the event "Tokyo style in Stockholm", August 2004, where together with several leading Japanese street artists, a thirty meter long mural was produced.

Participated in the group show "Sneaker stories" at the house of culture in Stockholm, summer 2004.

Participated in the "Miniatures" show at the Mark Wooley Gallery in Portland, Oregon USA, summer 2004.

One man show at JIV in Stockholm, fall 2003.

Participated in a group show at Konstakuten in Stockholm October 2002.

One man show as guest artist at Galleri Mejan 1419A, Royal college of arts Stockhom, April 2001.

One man show at Soda, Stockholm 1999.

One man show at Boutique Sportif, "No You!", Stockholm, spring 1999.

One man show at Folketshus, "Your Mama vs. Honeymonster", Stockholm 1998.

Show together with Disey at Vattumanens Bokhandel in Stockholm, summer 1997.

Show together with Filip Rensfelt at Galleri Forsbergs, Stockholm, summer 1996.

Artistic Experience:

Launched the magazine "Underground Productions" in Stockholm together with others in 1992.

Produced the shortfilm "Ben" together with Stefan Viterstedt, which was exhibited as a part of a group school show at the ICA in London (Institute for Contemporary arts), 1997.

Live performance on ZTV (Swedish TV channel), fall 1998.

Produced the short film "My name is Abraham Lincoln" with Filip Rensfelt and Jörn Spolander in 2000.

Invited as guest artist in the student show at the Royal Collage of arts at the annex to the Modern Museum of art in Stockholm. Showed performance Riptide, summer 2000.

Live performance for Swedish Radio P4 "Farthinder", summer 2000.

Live performance for Swedish Radio P4 "The Showdown", summer 2000.

Produced the poetry collection "Chanson Dámour" in 4 separate editions including "Geek Mythology", and "Dickter" 2000.

Held an actionpainting workshop at the Swedish National theater, Riksteatern, 2001.

Produced original cleartray artwork for the cd "Give me convenience or give me death: the best of the Dead Kennedys" 2001.

Produced radio documentary "Sagan om Rainbow Flavor" together with Ambjörn Johansson for'Frispel' at the swedish radio P3, September 2002.

Spoken word performance at Dunkers house of culture, Helsingborg Sweden, May 2002.

Live performance at the Recreactive festival in Stockholm, May 2002.

Spoken word performance at Guld Klubben in Stockholm, July 2002.

Spoken word performance at the Earnest club at the house of culture in Stockholm, July 2003.

Spoken word performance at the Mosebacke club in Stockholm, September 2003.

Spoken Word show at kulturnatten in Norrköping, October 2003.

Produced a cd of collected poetry "The New Age Workshop" together with Mikelis Lapsa, winter 2003.

Participated on swedish radio P1 in radio play "Lågliv" by Ambjörn Johansson, summer 2004.

Featured on Kulturnyheterna on Swedish Television (SVT), October 2004.

Participated with ventriloquist act at Storsjöyran festival, summer 2005.

Performance "Mad Birth" at Galleri Gummeson together with Valeria Montti Colque, Stockholm, summer 2005.

Appeard on the television show REA (Swedish Television, SVT), spring 2005.

Featured on TV show "Svea-long" (Swedish Television, SVT) with Ventriloquist performance, fall 2005.

Featured on TV show "Good TV" (Öppna Kanalen), fall 2005.

Featured in Fresh Mag #3.

Featured in Odd Magazine #1.

Featured in Rodeo magazine december 2005.

Produced visuals for The Rocket Room rockabilly club in Stockholm, january 2006 - 2010.

Produced original artwork for the Frökensterner fashionshow febuary 2006.

Performance together with Valeria Montti Colque at Tvålfabriken March 2006.

Perfromance with Valeria Montti Colque at the opening of STREET in Stockholm March 2006.

Nominated as finalist in the Draw category in the Diesel New Art competion 2004 and 2006.

Performed with Valeria montti Colque at Orion teatern in may 2006.

Performed with Valeria Montti Colque at the Digital arts Mirror opening part in June 2006.

Performed with Valeria Montti Colque at Ersta Konsthall in June 2006.

Art purchased by Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening 2007.

Performance at the Hootchy Kootchy Club with Valeria Montti Colque Maj 2007.

Performance at Salong Giraff, best of August 2007, Vitabergsparken, Parkteatern.

Featured in Turkish BANT magazine, June 2008.

Stipend - Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland: "För den svenska konstnären Marcus Mårtensons deltagande i grupputställningen Behind The Mustache. Bidraget är avsett för den svenska konstnärens resor och konstverkens transport."

Featured on digital art magazine Konsten, 2008.

Co-authored and created original artwork for the book "Burleska Bastarder".

Working as announcer for Stockholm Wrestling.